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This site is dedicated to the Dickerson Sailing Yacht. Although Dickerson Boatbuilders have been out of business for many years, the Dickerson is still sailed and respected by sailors spanning generations.


At its 47th Anniversary on June 13-15, 2014, over 60 Dickerson sailors and their friends returned to the original Dickerson site at Trappe, MD, where these classic wooden and fiberglass boats were last built 27 years ago. The weekend started with a parade of 11 Dickersons-- on Friday the 13th—from Choptank Light to Dickerson Harbor, which is now on the site of Dickerson Boatbuilders.

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New Video

"Hot off the Presses"! A tour of the mothership for all Dickerson 41's. D & Don Wogaman's, "Southern Cross". View at You Tube

Dickerson Boatbuilding Video

Dickerson Sailors Dedicate New Museum Exhibit

The highlight of the Dickerson 46th Annual Rendezvous was the celebration of the opening of the Dickerson Owners Association Exhibit at the Richardson Maritime Museum in Cambridge, Maryland. We are honored to have an exhibit in this historic museum that prides itself in capturing the character and life of the Chesapeake Bay. Our heartfelt thanks to Herm Kramer, who designed and built the exhibit and Executive Director Jane Devlin and others at the museum who supported this effort. Also thanks to our exhibit committee members: Barry Creighton, Bruce Franz, Larry Mosher and me who helped to get this imitative underway. We also thank our members who provided memorabilia and contributed to the purchase half-hull models of a Dickerson 37 and 41. Read Article.

Rainbow Wins Dickerson Regatta

In a fresh southeasterly breeze, 44 year old 35 foot wooden Dickerson Ketch Rainbow, sailed by John Freal and Doug Sergeant, won the 7th Western Shore Round Up held at the West River Sailing Club. Captain Freal received the honor of becoming the 2013 Sheriff of the Western Shore plus receiving the trophy for the 35/36 class. Other class winners included Dickerson Commodore Dave Fahrmeier and Siobhan in their D 41 Down Home, and, first time racers, Ken and Maggie Bernholz in their D 37 Morning Light.

John Freal Sheriff of the Western Shore and Randy Bruns

Our thanks to Randy and Barb Bruns for organizing this terrific get together. It was perfect weather for the weekend of September 6-7 with the Friday night cook out at the West River Sailing Club, followed by Saturdays race of 7 Dickersons and a sumptuous dinner at Pirates Cove Restaurant. A great time was had by all.

Joe Slavin, Dickerson Owners Association

Exciting New Program For June Dickerson Annual Rendezvous

We are planning an exciting program for the 46th Annual Dickerson Owners Association Rendezvous. Under the leadership of our “Sampson Post” Joe Slavin--Bruce Franz, Larry Moser and I are making excellent progress with the Richardson Maritime Museum in Cambridge setting up a dedicated Dickerson Exhibit. We have met with the resident staff several times and we have allocated display space.

Larry has produced some "world class" audio/visual products and we have the provided the museum a draft layout of pictures and written material that they are reviewing. We are underway to provide them with half-hull models and are looking forward to a Spring opening.

Our plans are to do a Friday Arrival Parade from the Choptank Light to Cambridge---reception at the Museum and spend Friday night in the Cambridge Municipal Marina or on the hook. The Cambridge Harbormaster looks forward to throwing out the red carpet for us. If you want a slip in Cambridge, please let me know soonest—I will coordinate. Then Saturday morning, we will “race” from Cambridge back down the river to the environs of Oxford--Banquet at the Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford. (Make your own berthing arrangements for Oxford). Sunday post-Rendezvous Cruise. (More details to follow.)

The very special “race” on Saturday will really test the skills of Dickerson Captains and crews. Tentative plans approved by Commodore Pat Ewing suggest a start at 10 AM on Saturday and a race of about 16 miles to a finish line off the Tred Avon Yacht Club.

Some holes to be filled here----but we will let you all know just as soon as plans are finalized. We do think this parade to Cambridge and reception at our Dickerson Exhibit at the Richardson Maritime Museum will be a fun addition to the usual race and Tred Avon banquet.

So please reserve the weekend of June 14-16 (and longer for a post Rendezvous cruise), 2013 for another great Dickerson Event.

Barry Creighton
D37 #22
"Crew Rest"

The History of Dickerson

You can now view the video (below) of the History of Dickerson or download the written history in pdf form.


A collection of photographs by LYNN STEARNS. View the booklet.


Treasure Chest - Nautical Apparel and Gifts. See the details.

From our Owners

Blake Cunningham has posted a nice video of "Kittiwake" up on YouTube


Our survey is complete and the results are available here. Thank you for your participation!

Membership Committee—Joe Slavin, Barry Creighton, John Freal

Find a lost Dickerson and share it with us

Did you know that there may be 150 or more Dickerson Sailboats that are not identified in the 2009 Dickerson Owners Association (DOA) Directory?

The DOA has initiated an ambitious "Find a Lost Dickerson Sailboat" contest and invites all Dickerson fans to participate in the fun. A "Lost Dickerson" is one that we have no record of and is not listed in the 2009 Dickerson Owners Directory.

When visiting ports, marinas and boat yards or sailing in local and "foreign" waters, keep your eyes peeled for a 30, 32, 35, 36, 37, 40 or 41 foot Dickerson sailboat. Get sailor's name, boat name, length, port and other contact information i.e. telephone number and email. Take a picture if possible.

Send your name and particulars on your Dickerson Discovery to the Dickerson Owners Association Membership Committee at jws2827@aol.com.

For your trouble you will be eligible to win a prize-yet to be decided. Contact us if you have any questions.

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