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This site is dedicated to the Dickerson Sailing Yacht. Although Dickerson Boatbuilders have been out of business for many years, the Dickerson is still sailed and respected by sailors spanning generations.


We hope you will be able to participate in this very important business meeting and lunch on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at the Red Lobster in Annapolis, MD. And please now make plans to also attend the Classic Dickerson Sailboat Invitational on Fathers' day weekend in Cambridge, outlined in the attached Flyer.


The Dickerson Association is breaking new ground by:


We have as speaker Earl Mullins, Commodore of The Chesapeake Bristol Club, who will tell us how they expanded their organization after they stopped building Bristol Sailboats.

A copy of The Agenda is attached.

This is certainly a full plate that you cannot afford to miss.

Please let us know ASAP at jws2827@aol.com or (571) 287- 7600 of your intention to participate in this meeting.

Joe Slavin, Commodore


As new Dickerson Member Mark Fawcett of Ontario, Canada said. "It is the Association that is so important about these Dickersons. Everyone was so helpful to me when I purchased my 41 Foot Dickerson Ketch CAVU"

Get to know your Dickerson neighbor with this 100 Page Directory with contact information on all known Dickerson Owners, A Classified Section on where to obtain Dickerson Parts, Equipment and Services and much more. Join discussions on the Dickerson Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dickersonsailboats/

Visit the Dickerson Website http://www.dickersonowners.org/ and receive our News Releases on Dickerson Activities. Participate in our Program for 2018/2019 consisting of Western Shore Round Up September 28-29, Cruise to Downrigging Weekend, October 26-28, Dickerson Business Luncheon, January 12, 2019 and 54th Annual Rendezvous June 14-16, 2019.

Joe Slavin, Commodore

Renew your Dickerson Association Membership for June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019 using this form


For more than 50 consecutive years, owners of Dickerson yachts have gathered annually at Oxford or Cambridge, MD near the place where their vessels were built. The Dickerson Owners' Association (DOA) hosts the event -- usually on Fathers Day weekend when the owners gather to share their enthusiasm for these classic sailboats. The event receives such rave reviews from attendees that the DOA will soon share it among a larger group of similar classic boats.

This Dickerson Classic Sailboat Regatta to be held on June 14-16, 2019 in Cambridge, MD is open to Classic Sailboats over 25 ft whose first hull of the design was built no later than 30 years ago. The Rendezvous format will start with a highly-photographed parade of boats in the Choptank River on Friday June 14, 2019 followed by docking at Cambridge and boat visits with sea-storyswapping, and a DOA sponsored cookout. The next day breakfast will be at the Richardson Maritime Museum followed by a "race" which is a very laid back and friendly affair, not at all like some of the cut-throat fleet events we have known -- but it is well organized and has a unique and very fair handicap system. A special event of--a historic tour of Cambridge and water front luncheon will be held on Saturday for members and guests that do not race and may come from afar to attend this unique classic boat celebration. On Saturday night a filet and crab cake banquet will be held at the historic Cambridge Yacht Club with trophies presented, a bit of sailing education, and entertainment. Sunday a group of boats will leave on the Post Rendezvous Cruise, famously rafting-up on the first evening for pot-luck dinner and swimming

For additional information contact Dickerson Owners' Association Commodore Joe Slavin jws2827@aol.com or (571) 287 7600


Dickerson Owners and Associates are encouraged to participate in the activities planned for 2018/2019 which include the Western Shore Roundup, Sept 28-29, 2018; A cruise to Downrigging Weekend, Chestertown, MD on October 26-28, 2018; Dickerson Business Luncheon in Annapolis, MD on January 12, 2019 and the Dickerson 54th Annual Rendezvous in Oxford, MD on June 14-16, 2019.

Western Shore Roundup, September 28-29, 2018 Galesville, MD

Randy and Barb Bruns are once again organizing the traditional Western Shore Roundup at the old Cowboy town of Galesville on West River. Some us will meet Friday night at the West River Sailing Club 28 September for their cookout. The race will start at High Noon on Saturday at the vicinity of G1 off West River. The race will consist of the unusual rabbit start type of race if no one shoots the rabbit. We will meet back at the Club to settle scores and gunfights and then have dinner around 6 PM at Pirate's Cove Restaurant. Please let us know of your intention to participate in the Western Shore Round Up ASAP and not later than September 20 by contacting us at jws2827@aol.com.

Downrigging Weekend, October 26-28, Chestertown, MD

Past Commodore Parker Hallam and Randy Bruns attended this event last year and had a great time. Others have said the same; it is an unusual event. Three days of talking and looking at pretty old boats. There will be several tall ships to examine and ride on and lots of other old bay work and pleasure boats at the docks and anchored out. Mobs of people, lots of good food and drink, music, and lectures. We just had so much fun talking with like minded strangers about boats all weekend. Hope we can get a representative group of Dickerson

s there to show the flag and stimulate interest in our boats. I am hoping we can give a talk on Dickersons and show the Dickerson History video but that calendar may be full. We will know soon about the accommodations at the renovated marina.

They are still getting their act together. I'll pass the info on when we hear. If we sign up promptly we can probably all berth together. Contact Randy Bruns at rbbruns@verizon.net or (410) 544-5571 to sign up for the cruise to Chestertown

Dickerson Business Lunch January 12, 2019 at Annapolis, MD

The Dickerson Lunch will be held from 11AM to 3PM at the Red Lobster Restaurant, Annapolis MD. The program will include a discussion of "Dickerson State of The Union" and plans for the 54th Annual Rendezvous at the Robert Morris Inn at Oxford on June 14-16. We invite Members to suggest topics for discussion regarding improvements they have made to their boats or special suggestions they have for future events. Contact Joe Slavin jws2827@aol.com or (571) 287-7600 regarding your participation in the Dickerson Lunch.

Dickerson Rendezvous June 14-16, 2019

The 54th Annual Dickerson Rendezvous will be in Oxford, MD. The Saturday evening Awards Dinner will be held at the historic Robert Morris Inn -- dating from 1710, it was the home of Robert Morris and his son who gained fame as "Financier of the American Revolution." We had a great time there in 2018 and are looking forward to another special Dickerson gathering in this traditional setting. The Inn has a number of rooms available at a very reasonable cost so if you come by car or boat and require lodging make your plans as soon as possible by calling them at (410) 226 5111.

The Rendezvous program is now being planned but it is expected to include the basic ingredients of A Parade of Dickersons, Boat visits, docking at Brewers Marina, Commodores' Cook Out, Continental Breakfast at Brewer's Marina, the traditional Dickerson Race, an Awards Dinner at the Robert Morris Inn, and a Post Rendezvous Cruise. For additional information contact Joe Slavin at jws2827@aol.com

Additional Events

We are looking into having some local meetings of Dickerson owners and Associates and encourage any suggestions you may have regarding any possible additions to this program.

Let's Make Sure Dickersons are Forever

So what are we all about? Have you ever tied up at a dock and a passing sailor comes by and says

"Is that a Dickerson" and you proudly say yes built in 1969 like my wooden "Irish Mist" or yes my boat sailed around the world like D and Don Wogaman's "Southern Cross"

We have a rich tradition where the sailors that sail these boats are in many ways just like their boats, solid and caring. In my 36 years as a Dickerson Association Member, when some finally had to give up the sailing, they said that "their Dickerson years made up their fondest memories". Recently joining that group at 91, I know how important it is for all of us to do our bit to really make sure Dickersons are Forever. The Dickerson Owners Association appreciates your faithful and continuing membership over the years and your help in keeping our organization strong. We hope you can join us in this exciting program.

Joe Slavin, Commodore July 14, 2018

New Movie


On June 17-19, 2016 Chesapeake Bay's classic wooden and fiberglass Dickerson sailing yachts returned to their birthplace on Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore. Over 70 sailors and 15 boats participated in the 51st annual Dickerson Owners' Association (DOA) Rendezvous. Events included a parade of Dickersons up the Choptank River, and a Commodores' Cook-Out at the Cambridge Municipal Marina, on Friday June 17, followed on Saturday by a breakfast at the Richardson Maritime Museum (which hosts the Dickerson Historical Exhibit), a traditional Dickerson race to Oxford, and the Annual Awards Dinner at the Tred Avon Yacht Club. Richardson Maritime Museum Executive Director Jane Devlin and Maryland Senator "Addie" Eckardt welcomed the hungry Dickerson sailors at the Museum breakfast and discussed the importance of keeping boat building craftsmanship alive on Maryland's Eastern Shore and the expansion of the Museum and its Ruark Boat Building Center. The Dickerson Owners' Association presented Director Jane Devlin a model of the Dickerson ketch LLIA FAIL on behalf of the Association and the late Lynn Stearns, a long time DOA member.

The race from Cambridge to Oxford of 35, 36, 37, and 41 foot Dickerson ketches and sloops ended up being a "drifting match" in a 2-3 knot northeast wind. Sanity prevailed however, and Commodore Bill Toth shortened his chosen course "Jennifer's Choice" from 10 to 3.5 miles so the sailors would have time to cool off in the pool at Brewer's Oxford Marina.

Highlights of the festivities included a delicious dinner of fillet of beef and crab imperial, a talk by Dickerson Captain Tom Pfeifer, who courageously sailed his 37 foot Dickerson sloop JoySea across the North Atlantic from Annapolis to Ireland. What an adventure. Tom lauded his Dickerson for ably handling mountainous waves and gale force winds. The ceremony was topped off with a special award to retiring Secretary Dick Young for 18 years of dedicated service and racing trophies for first in their class to: John Freal Rainbow, 35/36 ft class; Barry Creighton, Crew Rest, 37 ft class, and Jeff Stephenson, CAVU, 40/41 ft class. The overall winner and our new Dickerson Commodore is Jeff Stephenson. Congratulations Jeff!

Thank you Commodore Bill Toth and all who made the Dickerson year so memorable.

For more photos and info, see July newsletter.

Joe Slavin, Irish Mist


The ninth Western Shore Round Up hosted by Randy and Barb Bruns on September 18-19, 2015 was a huge success with over 30 sailors in attendance and 8 Dickersons racing. Events started on a beautiful Friday with beverages and Cook –Out at the West River Sailing Club and included a competitive race on Saturday followed by a lively reception at the Club and dinner at Pirates Cove.

Eight Dickersons varying in length from 35 to 41 feet raced on Saturday in a light southeasterly breeze. A golf type handicap system was used to level out the playing field.

Congratulations to Jeff and Sandra Gray Pleasance II on their first Dickerson event. They finished second on overall time and won the 37 fleet trophy. Sandra Gray remarked they didn't quite figure out the rabbit start and were a bit behind at the start. She now knows that it took most of our Dickerson sailors several years to get it straight.

It took eight years but the hosts Randy and Barbara Bruns Rhythms in Blue finally won the race and the skipper is the Sheriff of the Western Shore for this year. The main reasons for this unexpected outcome is the skipper didn't screw up for a change and he had some very good sailors Mary and Dick Cusick of the Maryland Yacht Club as crew.

It was a good race for everyone; we mostly finished within about 10 minutes of each other. Previous Sheriffs; Joe Slavin, Irish Mist and John Freal Rainbow had their typical close duel and Parker Hallam Frigate Connie was there as usual and finished third.

Randy Bruns, Rhythms In Blue

Neville Lewis Interview

Read article.

New Video

"Hot off the Presses"! A tour of the mothership for all Dickerson 41's. D & Don Wogaman's, "Southern Cross". View at You Tube

Dickerson Boatbuilding Video

Dickerson Sailors Dedicate New Museum Exhibit

The highlight of the Dickerson 46th Annual Rendezvous was the celebration of the opening of the Dickerson Owners Association Exhibit at the Richardson Maritime Museum in Cambridge, Maryland. We are honored to have an exhibit in this historic museum that prides itself in capturing the character and life of the Chesapeake Bay. Our heartfelt thanks to Herm Kramer, who designed and built the exhibit and Executive Director Jane Devlin and others at the museum who supported this effort. Also thanks to our exhibit committee members: Barry Creighton, Bruce Franz, Larry Mosher and me who helped to get this imitative underway. We also thank our members who provided memorabilia and contributed to the purchase half-hull models of a Dickerson 37 and 41. Read Article.

The History of Dickerson

You can now view the video (below) of the History of Dickerson or download the written history in pdf form.


A collection of photographs by LYNN STEARNS. View the booklet.


Treasure Chest - Nautical Apparel and Gifts. See the details.

From our Owners

Blake Cunningham has posted a nice video of "Kittiwake" up on YouTube


Our survey is complete and the results are available here. Thank you for your participation!

Membership Committee—Joe Slavin, Barry Creighton, John Freal

Find a lost Dickerson and share it with us

Did you know that there may be 150 or more Dickerson Sailboats that are not identified in the 2009 Dickerson Owners Association (DOA) Directory?

The DOA has initiated an ambitious "Find a Lost Dickerson Sailboat" contest and invites all Dickerson fans to participate in the fun. A "Lost Dickerson" is one that we have no record of and is not listed in the 2009 Dickerson Owners Directory.

When visiting ports, marinas and boat yards or sailing in local and "foreign" waters, keep your eyes peeled for a 30, 32, 35, 36, 37, 40 or 41 foot Dickerson sailboat. Get sailor's name, boat name, length, port and other contact information i.e. telephone number and email. Take a picture if possible.

Send your name and particulars on your Dickerson Discovery to the Dickerson Owners Association Membership Committee at jws2827@aol.com.

For your trouble you will be eligible to win a prize-yet to be decided. Contact us if you have any questions.


Dickerson 37 line drawing