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2011 Round Up

"VelAmore" Wins Dickerson Fall Race

In a brisk, northeasterly breeze, Pat Ewing handily won the annual Dickerson Western Shore Round-Up race to become the "Sheriff of The Western Shore" on 17 September. Pat, who has run the Brendan Sail Training Program for Youths With Learning Disabilities for the 6 years, is the proud owner of a classic wooden Dickerson 40 ketch that he restored over the past several years so that it looks like new. He and his wife Debra can be found sailing on the Bay in "VelAmore" when not challenging students at St. Brendans. New Dickerson owners attending the Round-Up were Peter and Krystal Oetker who recently purchased "Vignette" - a unique 39 foot high performance racing sloop made by Dickerson more than 40 years ago. She is a beauty.

The race featured an interesting "rabbit start". All boats start on a starboard tack and pass across the stern of the committee boat that is on a port tack sailing to the first mark. It was a great race with a beat across the Bay and return with hull speeds over 7 knots. Pat's two "Deputy Sheriffs" are Bill Toth, D37 "Starry Night," and Joe Slavin, D35 "Irish Mist"--both winning their classes.

It was a super turnout of nine boats and 32 sailors enjoying the weekend fun consisting of a cook out at the West River Sailing Club on Friday September 16, followed by the race on Saturday and a great dinner and awards ceremony at Pirates Cove Restaurant. Thanks to Randy and Barbara Bruns and Bill Toth for the arrangements

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The 44th annual rendezvous in Oxford, MD was a smashing success with the largest participation of boats and sailors in more than 25 years. The event was highlighted by the participation of Ruth Christy, Senior Editor of SpinSheet magazine - renowned for excellent coverage of Chesapeake Bay racing and cruising activities. Read about the eventm watch a video at YouTube or download a short movie taken by someone aboard..

43rd Annual Rendezvous

To you long time contributors and interested visitors to this site, you know that just about this time of year, we recap the June Rendezvous for you and most years, we add a collection of selected snapshots. Read more about the rendezvous in an article from Spinsheet Magazine and see the photos.


Five Dickerson Owners got together the weekend of September 10th 2010 at the Bristol Yacht Club in Bristol, Rhode Island for the second New England Gathering organized by Al Sampson.

With perfect weekend weather, the fun began Friday afternoon, Sept. 10, with the arrival, in Bristol, of Judy & Don DeFano on their vintage 32 ketch “Wind Born”. As this was our first meeting the afternoon was spent checking out each other’s boat, getting to know one another, and of course, talking proudly about our Dickerson's.

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Ten Boats showed up for the Fourth Annual Western Shore Roundup, which now features a perpetual trophy to be worn by the winning Sheriff of the Western Shore.

Festivities started Friday afternoon as Franz, Toth, Hallam, Burry, Slavin, and Bruns made it to the West River Sailing Club. They enjoyed the Club’s Friday night cookout, which featured delicious crab cakes, hamburgers with baked beans, and salad. This was a very nice low cost affair; lots of sea stories were told, and the boats were examined to see the latest go-fast and git-rot applications.

Saturday morning brought a continuation of the fine weather, however, out at the race course it was dead calm. We postponed a start for an hour and 15 minutes when a teasing, very light, easterly showed up. We were off with the rabbit start as most all of the boats positioned themselves properly and had good starts. When has that ever happened before in any Dickerson race? The wind continued light, and there was an ebbing tide. A lot of boats held port, and went to the eastern shore hoping to ride a possible changing tide up to the windward mark. Alas, they went into a hole, as there was a bit more wind to the left side of the course. After a couple of hours of this agony, and only two miles from the starting area, Randy “the Rabbit” (Rhythms in Blue) was uncharacteristically within a hundred yards of the first mark, (now the finish) licking his chops, and greedily contemplating victory. He fell into the same black hole as all the others, and Bill Toth with his magic wind crystal ball and his 37 Sloop, “Starry Night”, roared across the finish (at one knot) followed by “Belle”, maybe 5 minutes later, and after maybe another 20 minutes, the “Rabbit” finished. “Rainbow” deserves the perseverance award as they were almost as close to the finish as the “Rabbit”, and tried for another 20 minutes to finish, but had to give up. All other boats more wisely withdrew earlier, and headed to the bar,

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