Dickerson Sailboat

The Lucke Years

Tom Lucke decided that fiberglass had finally proven itself as a strong, reliable boatbuilding material. Fiberglass hulls replaced wood hulls. And eventually wood decks and cabins were made of fiberglass covered marine plywood.

Dickerson 35

In 1974 the wooden Dickerson 40 was discontinued and a new 4I' ketch with a fiberglass hull was introduced. Tom recognized the growing needs of the cruising family, and as the years progressed so did the detail of the interior work. While value and rugged construction remained the strong points of Dickerson, the 36' and 4l provided the comfort and luxury that people were asking for.

The circumnavigation that started a new era

In 1975 a Dickerson 41 owned by Neville Lewis began a four year circumnavigation. Joining the Lewis family from Puerto Rico to Tahiti was Ted Reed, a blue water sailor and businessman. Ted was so impressed with Neville's Dickerson 41, that he decided to have one built for himself This decision was the beginning of Dickerson's new era of the eighties. In 1978 Ted, his wife and a close business associate bought the company, and the next era of Dickerson had begun.

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