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It’s Easy To Become a Dickerson Owner Association Member

Happy Holidays to All

Anybody want to guess how many wonderful Dickerson Yachts are still out there providing great pleasure to their owners? Well, we don’’t know the exact number either, but we have identified 114. And they are not all still in home waters——but in 23 states, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, our Dickerson Association Membership doesn’’t nearly match that number.

A Question Often Asked is ––Why should I belong?

Let’s look at a few of the benefits:

  1. You get a comprehensive Newsletter outlining Activities and Events
  2. If you have a maintenance issue and need advice or just want to meet up with a fellow owner you can easily do it through our network of over 70 Dickerson Owners email list.
  3. You can help others by providing advice from your own experience in sailing and maintaining your Dickerson.
  4. You can take advantage of the Dickerson Owners Web Site, participate in Forum Discussions and get involved in activities.
  5. You will receive a "for members only" Directory of all known Dickerson Owners with pictures and detailed information on owners and their boats so you can visit with them and contact Dickerson neighbors in your area.
  6. You can participate in the Annual Dickerson Rendezvous and put together and join in local "Rendezvous" and other activities.

But the real reason for belonging is that as Dickerson Sailors we are a very special group -- proud of our classic boats and we really feel good about sharing information and experiences with each other. No matter what the question——no matter where the location——chances are good that someone in the DOA has "been there——done that". There is no better comradeship.

It is easy to become a Dickerson Owner Association Member. Just download the attached form and mail it to us. As encouragement a special offer is made to New Members and Associate Members of membership for up to a year and a half.

We look forward to hearing from you——join with us——and let us know what you’’ve been up to.

Ad Hoc Membership Committee 
Contact us at jws2827@aol.com

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