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This site is dedicated to the Dickerson Sailing Yacht. Although Dickerson Boatbuilders have been out of business for many years, the Dickerson is still sailed and respected by sailors spanning generations. For the latest updates, see the News page.



As new Dickerson Member Mark Fawcett of Ontario, Canada said. “It is the Association that is so important about these Dickersons. Everyone was so helpful to me when I purchased my 41 Foot Dickerson Ketch CAVU

Get to know your Dickerson neighbor with our 100 Page Directory with contact information on all known Dickerson Owners, A Classified Section on where to obtain Dickerson Parts, Equipment and Services and much more. Join discussions on the Dickerson Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dickersonsailboats/

Join now or renew your Dickerson Association Membership for June 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. Click on Membership on top of page. Contact us at jws2827@aol.com for Membership Form.

Plan Now to Attend Dickerson Owners Association Classic Sailboat Rendezvous June 17-19, Oxford, Maryland 

Events include a Parade on Friday afternoon on June 17 followed by a Commodores’ Cookout at 6 pm at the Safe Harbor Marina grounds.

Highlights of the Rendezvous include the Dickerson Classic Boat Race on Saturday Morning followed by Dinner at 6 pm at the Tred Avon Yacht Club.

Dockage is available at Oxford’s Safe Harbor Marina and the Tred Avon Yacht Club. A traditional post Rendezvous Cruise is also included in the program

A sign up form will be sent out after January 1, 2022 but please feel free to let us know of your interest in advance.

Jim Hontz, Commodore hontz@dickinson.edu

Dickerson Business Lunch January 15, 2022 at Annapolis

Dickerson lunch postponed to March 12 because of COVID

The Dickerson Lunch will be held from 11AM to 3PM on Saturday January 15,2022 at the Red Lobster Restaurant, 183 Jennifer Road, Annapolis MD. The program will include a discussion by Commodore Jim Hontz of “Dickerson State of The Union” and plans for the 57th Annual Rendezvous at Oxford on Father’s Day Weekend, June 17-19, 2022 with dinner at the Tred Avon Yacht Club. Sailing Master Kerry O’Malley, Fleet Captains and other members and guests will discuss matters important to our Dickerson Association, including tips on the maintenance of Dickerson yachts.

Contact Joe Slavin re your attendance at jws2827@aol.com or 571 287 7600


Event has been cancelled.

I am delighted to announce we are holding the Western shore Roundup once again after a year of no racing.  It will be held at the West River Sailing Club September 24 and 25.  Sailors can meet at the West River Cookout on Friday evening where you can purchase food and drink and have a nice evening with all of us together again. 

Racing on Saturday is open to all Dickersons as well as other vintage single hull cruising boats whose first hull was laid down prior to 1990.  The race starts at High Noon at WR G1 and features a rabbit start type of race.  Rabbit starts make it easy for all competitors to get a good windward start.  The winner of the race is declared the Sheriff of the Western Shore with a perpetual trophy. We will have a dinner at Pirates Cove that evening. Some sailors continue on Sunday following the race to cruise around together.

There is plenty of water for anchoring off the Club for short dinghying to the Club docks. I am checking on the viability of the Club moorings so stay tuned.  If the docks are free of members two boats could tie up.

If you plan to attend let me know by 20 September and I will email you several pages of Race Instructions and suggestions on starting.  Also let me know if you and your crew plan to attend the cookout; helps the kitchen staff plan.

Of course all this is subject to virus restrictions. The Club has been very conservative on this issue.

Randy Bruns  rbbruns@verizon.net; 443-994-8844


For more than 50 consecutive years, owners of Dickerson yachts have gathered annually at Oxford or Cambridge, MD near the place where their vessels were built. The Dickerson Owners’ Association (DOA) hosts the event — usually on Fathers Day weekend when the owners gather to share their enthusiasm for these classic sailboats. The event receives such rave reviews from attendees that the DOA will soon share it among a larger group of similar classic boats.

Additional Events

We are looking into having some local meetings of Dickerson owners and Associates and encourage any suggestions you may have regarding any possible additions to this program.

Let’s Make Sure Dickersons are Forever

So what are we all about? Have you ever tied up at a dock and a passing sailor comes by and says

“Is that a Dickerson” and you proudly say yes built in 1969 like my wooden “Irish Mist” or yes my boat sailed around the world like D and Don Wogaman’s “Southern Cross”

We have a rich tradition where the sailors that sail these boats are in many ways just like their boats, solid and caring. In my 36 years as a Dickerson Association Member, when some finally had to give up the sailing, they said that “their Dickerson years made up their fondest memories”. Recently joining that group at 91, I know how important it is for all of us to do our bit to really make sure Dickersons are Forever. The Dickerson Owners Association appreciates your faithful and continuing membership over the years and your help in keeping our organization strong. We hope you can join us in this exciting program.


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Our survey is complete and the results are available here. Thank you for your participation!

Membership Committee-Joe Slavin, Barry Creighton, John Freal

Find a lost Dickerson and share it with us

Did you know that there may be 150 or more Dickerson Sailboats that are not identified in the 2009 Dickerson Owners Association (DOA) Directory?

The DOA has initiated an ambitious “Find a Lost Dickerson Sailboat” contest and invites all Dickerson fans to participate in the fun. A “Lost Dickerson” is one that we have no record of and is not listed in the 2009 Dickerson Owners Directory.

When visiting ports, marinas and boat yards or sailing in local and “foreign” waters, keep your eyes peeled for a 30, 32, 35, 36, 37, 40 or 41 foot Dickerson sailboat. Get sailor’s name, boat name, length, port and other contact information i.e. telephone number and email. Take a picture if possible.

Send your name and particulars on your Dickerson Discovery to the Dickerson Owners Association Membership Committee at jws2827@aol.com.

For your trouble you will be eligible to win a prize-yet to be decided. Contact us if you have any questions.