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The Dickerson Owners’ Association (DOA) is an all-volunteer association dedicated to the preservation of classic Dickerson built yachts, camaraderie, and fun.


All owners of boats built by Dickerson Boat Builders are eligible to be members of the Dickerson Owners’ Association. Additionally, former owners and others with interest in preserving the heritage of these boats are encouraged to stay engaged as Associate Members.


  • Newsletters – The Association publishes a newsletter approximately three or four times during the year.
  • Directory – The Association publishes a listing of all known boats (and current owners) built by Dickerson.
  • Miscellaneous – The Association publishes ad hoc reports, surveys, and items of interest as they are produced.


Dues are established by the members and are used to pay for the directories, the newsletters, trophies, and general expenses of the Association. Membership information and applications are available for Dickerson Owners and Associate Members. You may obtain a DICKERSON OWNERS ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP FORM 2020-2021 here.


Board of Advisors (BOA) – The administration of the DOA shall be vested with a Board of Advisors–staffed by the immediate Past Commodore, the Current Commodore and up to three more members (one who must be a carryover member) at the choosing of the Current Commodore. The Current Commodore shall lead the Board.

The BOA shall direct the activities of the DOA and may delegate to other persons or convene Committees as they see fit.

Commodore – The skipper and owner of the yacht winning the Dickerson Trophy is the Commodore of the organization for the year following the “race”.

Secretary and/or Treasurer – The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for the fiscal matters of the DOA including funds collection and expenditures. He/she shall be appointed or elected and shall serve in respective capacities to provide continuity from year to year.


  • Annual Rendezvous – The Rendezvous is traditionally held in June over the Father’s Day weekend. While the venue and events at the Rendezvous are at the discretion of the BOA, the Rendezvous must include a “race” for the Dickerson Trophy followed by a social affair at which time the new Commodore is installed and trophies for the “race” are awarded. Additionally, an “Arrival Parade” and “Captain’s Party” are traditionally held the afternoon/evening before the “race”.
  • The “Race” – The conduct of the “race” and the selection of the racecourse are the responsibilities of the Commodore who neither personally nor whose boat can race. The most recent publication of US Sailing’s Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) applies and only working sails and genoa are permitted. Specific written instructions are distributed to those participating in the “race” at the “Captain’s Party” on the eve of the “race”. If there is a conflict between the distributed Event Instructions and RRS, the Event Sailing Instructions take precedence.
  • The Dickerson Trophy – The Dickerson Trophy is awarded to the overall winner of the “Race”.
  • Class Trophies – Boats competing for the Dickerson Trophy will also compete within respective boat size categories (based on the demographics of entries).
  • Entering the race implies the willingness to accept the position of Commodore should that honor be awarded. Dues must be paid prior to entering the race.
  • Cruises – Cruises provide great opportunities for fun anytime. For example, following the annual rendezvous, members and friends traditionally gather for a cruise. Additionally, boats traveling from common directions may wish to gather together for transit.
  • Western Shore Roundup – This autumn event is punctuated by social interaction and sailing opportunities.
  • Business Meeting – The Commodore will chair an annual Business Meeting to review the “state of the association” and ongoing/future plans.
  • Other Events – DOA members may organize other events during the year.


The Dickerson burgee, a blue pennant with a white A circumscribed by D, is available from the Association for a minimal charge. Additional Dickerson themed merchandise is stocked and available via the “Treasure Chest”.


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