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    Al Sampson

    It's a very cold and snowy winter afternoon in New England.

    I am wondering why there has been no conversation on this forum since last August?

    I am about to head for the basement to start reassembling our cockpit table after a fresh coat of varnish.

    I hope there is still life out there in Dickerson Land. :)

    Al Sampson/Wanderlust 

    Irish Mist

    Nice and warm in winter retreat in Longboat Key Florida

    Looking forward to 51 Dickerson Rendezvous in June

    Irish Mist


    Just didn't seem like any interest in previous conversations I started so I drifted off.

    Been very busy on my 1986 up in MA with this warmer weather.

    Built a fuel polisher that has been working most excellent so far during testing.  Using (2) Shelco stainless filters, a Carter fuel pump wired to either 12v on or to switched 12v to power while under power.  A variety of brass fittings and valves to either return the fuel back to tank or to provide emergency 10 micron filtered fuel to engine lift pump in case of Racor clog.  I also installed a sight glass to check the fuel flow.  Supposed to do 72 GPH theoretically.  I've been running it the past week while onboard it is definitely moving some fuel.


    I replaced all the lights with LED.  Including engine compartment now is like a surgery theater.  Cheap too.  Did LED strip lights under galley overhang an awesome upgrade.  Did the same under nav station deck overhang. 

    Rebuilt cooling system on engine.  My Westebeke was running hot all last summer say 200 under heavy steaming. Found the inlet to the heat exchanged was so choked down with salt deposits it was maybe only 20% open.  Replaced all the hoses and cleaned and rebuild exchanger.

    Lots of rewiring of lights.  Built a bunch of custom brass parts for fuel shutoff, flagstaff.




    Cover should be off soon and ready for paint and varnish weather.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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