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    Al Sampson

    The good news is Wanderlust dodged a bullet here in New England. The bad news is she is out of the water for the season. Considering I spent seven weeks and two days on her traveling to and from Chesapeake Bay this summer I don’t feel bad at all about leaving her out.

    Hope you are all well and your boat survived with out damage.

    Al Sampson


    Imagine and I spent 3 nights on the hook in a small bay off the Severn River Northwest of Annapolis. Local reporting stations reported gusts to 60, but I was protected well enough by the surrounding hills that I never saw anything over the high 30s.

    The only casualty was my waistline. Karen sent me off with so many treats that I gained 5 pounds. Not going to check my suger level for a few days.

    Also hope everyone made it safely and unharmed.

    Dick Clarke

    Don & D Wogaman

    SOUTHERN CROSS came through hurricane Irene in her little hurricane hole located in Oriental North Carolina with flying colors. There was 9.5 feet difference from the high water to the low water. Pretty impressive. Gusts were reported at 137 mph but our TacTick wind instrument only showed 55 knots. (it is a good hurricane hole) We have photos if you are interested.

    D & Don


    Compass Rose was in Oriental, just down the creek from Southern Cross. She was tied in the middle of the 80′ wide canal with plenty of line to let her rise with the storm surge. Although less protected from wind than Southern Cross, she did just fine.

    Pictures on our blog

    A big thanks to Don and D of Southern Cross for letting us move our gear into their spare bedroom before the apartment we rented for the summer flooded.

    Eric and Jackie White

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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