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    My wife and I have a 1984, 37′ Dickerson sloop, Victoria, that we keep in Oriental, NC. We sailed her to the Chesapeake this summer for the first time and saw several other Dickersons in Oxford and St. Michaels, MD. Would love to find a seahood for our companionway hatch. Does anyone know of a distributor or have one they want to sell? If not, how about access to the mold they were orginally made from? Thanks,
    Dick Schneider s/v Victoria, gosail44@hotmail.com, cell 828-736-8687

    Fleet Captain


    Thanks for the request–it interests me as well. From memory–I think that Imagine, Starry Night and Snoodle Time have them (they are all newer boats than ours). My guess is that we will need to fabricate our own molds, but perhaps our fellow skippers have ideas.



    We have the seahood on imagine, and it is a huge help in heavy weather. As a last resort, ours could be used as a plug to create a mold. But I have to really emphasize the “last resort”. I would be really nervous about pulling it off the boat and handing it over to anyone who wasn’t an expert in doing something like that.

    Dick Clarke s/v imagine


    Sorry, I haven’t been to the forums for a while. I believe the mold is still in Trappe at the Dickerson yard. You could probably get Dickerson Harbor to lay one up. The phone number is 410-822-8556 or email them at : dickerson@oya.com

    Rick Woytowich

    We had someone look at the Dickerson yard for the mold for a seahood for us. We were told it was gone.
    I made my own. I got insulation foam (no foil) and built it up so it was thick enough, wider, longer than needed. Then I carved it to the shape I wanted, covered it with fiberglass to the thickness I thought it should be. When cured I cut as much of the foam out with a knife then power washed the rest of the foam out.
    I used regular boat caulking and screws to attach it to the boat. I want to be able to remove it, if necessary.
    Then we got the frame and dodger put on Belle.


    Get yourself a copy of the January/February issue of Good Old Boat magazine. There is a good article in there on building sea hoods. One is out of wood and one is with fiberglass. Good luck.

    Bob Shelton
    S/V “Aequanimitas”

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