November 2021 Newsletter and Updates

CHESAPEAKE downrigged & hauled for winter

Enclosed is your November 2021 NEWSLETTER with news about upcoming events to include the Business Lunch in January and next year’s Rendezvous in Oxford, MD. See attached agenda for the Business Lunch.

Of note here is the latest accounting of where all the large Dickersons are located courtesy of D 41′ Fleet Captain Chris Burry!
Vignette Custom racing woodie. Sails out of Wrightsville Beach, NC. Replacing the motor and is for sale.
VelAmore Currently undergoing a major refit in Brick, NJ.
Puffin Currently on hard in Reedville, VA No owner information. Let me know if you can update.
Shearwater Currently on hard in Bayboro, NC No owner information. Let me know if you can update.
Saga No current information. Let me know if you can update.
Southern Cross The original D41 woodie. Currently in Oriental, NC.
Beau Soleil The world traveler, in the Mediterranean currently off the Greek coast.
Douce Folie Currently in Quebec, Canada and is for sale.
Anodyne Currently in Baltimore Harbor. Replacing rear oil seal and transmission.
CAVU Currently on hard in Deltaville VA,
Toogoodoo Currently in Bohemia River, MD, undergoing a deck refit this winter.
Selah Reportedly destroyed on the rocks in the Azores, 2005. So sad.
Plover At home in Mathews, VA for the winter. Completed a 3 month trip to Maine this summer.
Planktonic No current information. Let me know if you can update.
Papillon Currently in the Abacos, Bahamas
Down Home Heading south to New Bern, NC in mid-November.
On Eagles Wings Reported destroyed by Hurricane Irma in Virgin Islands, 2017. Remains were purchased by someone at auction.
Desiderata Relocated to Bayboro, NC. On hard doing hull repairs, fairing, barrier coats etc!
Stormy Petrel No current information. Let me know if you can update.
Compass Rose Currently trapped in Grenada due to COVID.
Caroline No current information. Let me know if you can update.
Hemisphere Dancer  
  In the Barn at Generation III, Cambridge, MD for repairs.
The original teak deck has been replaced after 40 years.
The masts have been removed, repainted with Awlgrip white, and spiffed up; a girl needs new makeup every 40 yrs. (or earlier).
“HD” is available for her next Caretaker and should NOT languish ashore while adventures await her.
Nepenthe No current information. Let me know if you can update.
Seaya No current information. Last known to be in CT, 2016. Let me know if you can update.
Volantis Currently for sale in Newport News, VA
Arwen Evenstar Sailed to Europe in 2016, currently at home in San Juan Islands, WA
Chesapeake Currently, down rigged and on the hard at Campbell’s Bachelor’s Point Oxford…waiting for centerboard to be pulled and moved
  inside for MORE renovation work. The two main items are the massive rub rails being repaired/replaced and the centerboard is
  going to be worked on


I am delighted to announce we are holding the Western shore Roundup once again after a year of no racing.  It will be held at the West River Sailing Club September 24 and 25.  Sailors can meet at the West River Cookout on Friday evening where you can purchase food and drink and have a nice evening with all of us together again. 

Racing on Saturday is open to all Dickersons as well as other vintage single hull cruising boats whose first hull was laid down prior to 1990.  The race starts at High Noon at WR G1 and features a rabbit start type of race.  Rabbit starts make it easy for all competitors to get a good windward start.  The winner of the race is declared the Sheriff of the Western Shore with a perpetual trophy. We will have a dinner at Pirates Cove that evening. Some sailors continue on Sunday following the race to cruise around together.

There is plenty of water for anchoring off the Club for short dinghying to the Club docks. I am checking on the viability of the Club moorings so stay tuned.  If the docks are free of members two boats could tie up.

If you plan to attend let me know by 20 September and I will email you several pages of Race Instructions and suggestions on starting.  Also let me know if you and your crew plan to attend the cookout; helps the kitchen staff plan.

Of course all this is subject to virus restrictions. The Club has been very conservative on this issue.

Randy Bruns; 443-994-8844


Share with the Association

We welcome all Dickerson owners to share stories, photos and other related material with us so prospective buyers can see what we all know is the right decision. If you have not joined yet, why not take the time to do so, it only takes minutes! Join here.

New Resource

Many of you may have already seen this, but I stumbled on it today with a casual Dickerson Owners’ search at 

Dickerson Boatbuilders (USA)

1946 – 1987

Founded by Bill Dickerson who built of variety of different craft, most notably the ‘Simplissima’ 34, 32 and 26 line of hardchine strip planked ketches, as well as the DICKERSON 40 of a similar type. In 1967 the company was sold to Thomas Lucke who moved the company to La Trappe Creek in Trappe, Maryland. Lucke continued to build the popular 35′ strip planked mahogany ketches and the DICKERSON 40 ketch. The DICKERSON 36 was introduced in 1972 which featured a plywood hull with wooden deck and superstructure. By 1978, Ted Reed was running the company. Reed commisioned naval architect George Hazen to design a new boat which ultimately became the DICKERSON 37 which had a fiberglass hull. The DICKERSON 50 was introduced in 1982. In 1983 production began for the another DICKERSON 37, a Bruce Farr designed racer. 

Click this link to see the page in it’s entirety – including other specs and information about each model.