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    As in the past several years, we will celebrate the start of 2014 Dickerson Rendezvous with a parade of participants.  It's fun and easy–here are your instructions:

    1.  Make your travel plans to be in position, configured and ready to depart the area of the Choptank Light at 1300 on Friday, 13 June.

        a.  In position, means be there
        b.  Configured means full dress–flags, burgees and pennants flying–as many and much sail as the conditions allow
        c.  Ready to depart means that you have previously checked in with “Crew Rest” on channel 69 and have your assigned spot in the formation

    2.  Wind and seas permitting, we will make our way up river under sail in a tight echelon formation to windward.  (This means you should be following the boat in front of you, about two boat lengths behind and offset to windward)  The formation then presents a nice tight diagonal line. It will be a lot of fun adjusting your speed to maintain your proper spot in the group.

    3.  Approaching the Green Light 1 entrance to La Trappe Creek (Dividing Creek to locals) our Commodore will lead us into a “wifferdil” maneuver to douse sails and proceed in trail formation (one boat in the same assigned order directly behind the other) under power up the creek to Dickerson Harbor.  We will be arriving on flood tide and I expect at least 8 feet depth all the way up the creek–stay in the middle.

    Gonna be a HOOT!

    p.s.  take lots of pictures.

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