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    The Good Old Boat Regatta is a celebration of “boats of some maturity” and the laid back skippers that sail – and sometimes – race them. The first keel has to be laid by 1975 for a boat to qualify.

    The regatta is held off Annapolis on the Columbas Day weekend – the same weekend as the sailboat show. Race headquarters is on Mill Creek above Cantlers.

    The regatta includes a skippers meeting Friday evening, and races saturday and sunday with parties/award ceremonies after each day’s racing. We’ve been doing the GOB since 2002 and it has become as much of a runion as a regatta.

    Most boats are in one-design classes, but there are full keel and fin keel handicapped classes for the rest. If we can get 3 Dickersons of the same model entered then they will score them as their own one-design fleet. Otherwise they will be in one of the full keel classes.

    Although Dickersons don’t have the racing heritage that some other brands have, that didn’t stop John Freal from taking second in class last year.

    I’ll post more details on this year’s race as they become available, or you can visit to check for updates.

    Eric White
    Dickerson 41 Compass Rose


    This is a fun race. Another chance for us to get together and also to show the rest of the bay what real sailboats look like! Hope more of us can make it next year.

    Fleet Captain

    Proudly Flying the DOA Pennant – –

    Looking forward to reading a recap of the races yesterday and today—so please let us know. Expect there are some legends being made aboard “Rainbow” as I type this.

    As an aside, “Aequaminitas” and “Crew Rest” crews had a very enjoyable day together on Thursday at the Annapolis Boat Show. Don’t think that Bob and Sarah boarded any display boats—Judy and I boarded a new Sabre 386 just to once again confirm Dickerson superiority. And while there we brow beat the “Good Old Boat” representatives for not doing an article or two on Dickersons. Of course, they quickly put the ball back in our court and instructed us how to submit an article for publication–looks like yet another cold weather project.

    Unfortunately, we had planned a mini raft-up, but Saturday washed us out. (I don’t sail in foul weather for the fun of it—I’m still wet from the Western Shore Roundup.)


    Our house is now rented and we moved aboard last Sunday. We had so much stuff piled in the boat that we thought we would have to skip the GOB regatta. It took a great effort but we got Little Rosie shipshape enough to sail by noon on Saturday. Too late to make the race on Saturday, but not too late to make the post-race party. (grin).

    A friend and I had a brisk sail up under jib and jigger. (First time we tested the new mizzen sail that I made from a SailRite kit) All the way up I bemoaned our fate that we were missing the chance to race in perfect D41 weather. We got to the party site on Mill Creek and found that they had abandoned the race – too windy, they said.

    Sunday was the opposite – no wind. The race committee postponed the starts and the skippers bobbed around. Some had water cannons to soak anyone who came in range. The 3 boat Tarten 37 fleet rafted up and made Painkillers.

    As time wore on boats began to drop out.

    Finally a little before one the wind began to slowly build. A few of us voted to race by putting up sails. Heck, if Compass Rose could move there must be enough wind for those little skinny boats.

    The race committee set up a 4 leg windward-leeward course across the Bay and back. The boats that remained did well to windward across the Bay, but everyone except the spinnaker fleets struggled on the downwind leg. A lot of boats abandoned the race. The wind stayed slow and flukey and the race committee shortened the course to three legs. Even so, the later fleets struggled to make the last upwind leg.

    Compass Rose was in the second to last fleet off and the last boat to finish. Only two of the seven boats in our fleet even started the race, so despite being last, we will go down as finishing second in what turned out to be a race of perseverence.

    Eric and Jackie
    D41 Compass Rose

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