Dickerson Sailboat


Oh Lord, creator of mahogany from which all proper Dickersons are split, beveled, screwed and glued,

Grant us fair winds and smooth seas, cheap ice and snug anchorages.

Make us grateful for the fellowship of the raft

And forgiving of those who spill popcorn and chocolate fondue in cockpits.

Protect us from crabpots and lead us not into shallow waters in the dark,

But should we ground,- float us again with a minimum of alarms and excursions.

Bless us with tolerance towards militant proponents of Women's Liberation,

And assist our understanding of the regulations relating to MSDS.

Help us forgive stinkpotters for they know not what they do and our gestures and shootings fail to enlighten them, But should we fail, forgive us for wishing all stinkpotters condemned to steam through Hell for eternity with bent propeller shafts.

David C. Hazen